Traveller's Check


  • Transmissible (indication by the original holder on a durable medium - email or letter);
  • Valid for the purchase of any travel service, at Martins Soares Turismo, Lda .;
  • The traveler's check is valid for 365 days from the date of issue, after which it expires, except for reasons of force majeure, communicated in writing before its validity has passed;
  • Traveller's checks are non-convertible into cash (they cannot generate any monetary consideration);
  • Traveller's checks may be used on products with values ​​higher or lower than their value, even if a specific product is mentioned in it. For higher values, the customer must pay the difference at the time of purchase. For lower amounts, the Client accepts the issuance of a traveler's check for the remaining amount and with the same expiration date as the initial traveler's check;
  • It is mandatory to present the original document for use;
  • Martins Soares Turismo, Lda., Declines any responsibility for the loss, loss, theft or improper use of the traveler's voucher, with no right of the customer or the beneficiary to demand its replacement;
  • Due to tax obligations, Martins Soares Turismo, Lda., Will issue a discharge document “Invoice of Advance”, for the purchase of the traveler's voucher, and can only issue the final invoice when it is converted into a specific travel service, with definition destination, traveler (s) and dates of use;
  • Martins Soares Turismo, Lda., Reserves the right to refuse the use of traveller's checks on trips of a professional nature, to which conditions previously agreed between Martins Soares Turismo, Lda., And the Client apply;
Em cumprimento da lei nº 144/2015 informamos que para a resolução de conflitos de consumo deve ser contactada a comissão arbitral do Turismo de Portugal